Content Management

We have extensive experience with content management, learning management, and social media platforms. We are platform agnostic, and have utilized a range of LAMP-based (Drupal, WordPress, custom PHP) and ASP.NET (Ektron, custom ASP.NET) solutions. Our preferred tool for many projects is Wordpress, an open-source industry leader. We focus first on selecting the best tool to meet our client’s requirements. Our strategic consulting also extends to identifying the client’s resources and their capacity to produce and publish web content.

Once a CMS tool is identified, we implement the system to align with the project brand and identity and support the required features and functions, including user roles and workflow. In short, our goal is to ensure that the CMS effectively serves both the content and the people who manage it. Additionally, we provide training and support in the development of content, use of the system, and general content best practices.