Memento Mütter Touchscreen and Online Exhibit

What does it mean to be human? This unusual online exhibit invites the visitor to uncover what it means to be human by exploring a fantastic assortment of disturbingly informative items from the Mütter collection.

We partnered with the Mütter Museum to create an on-site touchscreen and an online exhibit featuring 50+ of their most compelling objects. This touchscreen, website and mobile experience puts at the visitors' fingertips a variety of 360 degree spin rotations of objects, stop action unpacking animations of kits and cases, and page-turning displays of rare books. Each object is accompanied by curatorial narrative and popup tidbits throughout, along with archival photographs and drawings.

The touchscreen and website content is managed through the Drupal content management system, allowing the Mütter to update and add new content into the future.

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