Lancaster General Hospital Seek‑and‑Find Touchscreens

In collaboration with Metcalfe Architecture and Design and USA Inc, Night Kitchen designed a massive digital Seek-and-Find wall in the new pediatric unit at Lancaster General Hospital. With a hundred unique findable objects hidden within ten robust illustrated scenes, visitors have plenty to keep themselves engaged.

Spread across four 55” Ultra High Definition (4K) touchscreens, the ten-foot wide play area acts as a single interactive and supports up to four users simultaneously. The scenes were designed and illustrated with STEAM learning in mind, spanning scenes from mountainscapes to ocean depths, outer space to the farmyard.

For maximum accessibility, we also produced a single-player tablet version for the hospital to deploy on a fleet of iPads, allowing patients to enjoy the activity in their own room.

View the Child Life Specialist at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital demonstrating the touchscreen for a local news segment.

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital

Seek-and-Find Touchscreen Wall