World on the Horizon

Night Kitchen collaborated with the Krannert Art Museum to produce an entrance animation for the traveling exhibit “World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean.” This animation brings to life a historic trade map and artifacts from the collection, telling a narrative that highlights the global connectivity of Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean.

The animation was designed to smoothly transition through immersive visuals that evoke the setting, beginning with an endless blue horizon and resolving through levels of scale to show the port of Zanzibar, the furnishings of a Swahili household, and the jewelry adorning a Swahili woman. During interstitial moments, we draw connections between six items in the collection and their areas of cultural influence. The far reaches of Swahili trade draw elements from Indian Ocean port towns, villages in Eastern and Central Africa, and distant cities in Europe, Asia and North America. By highlighting features of the artifacts and their associated cities on a geographic legend, we illustrate the confluence of cultural and aesthetic influence on commodities of trade, wealth and power.

World on the Horizon feature on Art Journal Open.

Krannert Art Museum

Introductory Media Projection

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