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A wealth of new educator resources for classrooms across the country.

The Under One Flag Online Exhibition launched to great acclaim, receiving industry awards and praise from veterans, media, and advocates alike. For the next phase of development, The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Program were committed to providing educators with tools and training to teach this important part of American history. Night Kitchen Interactive created a wealth of resources, lesson plans, teacher training videos, and even a graphic novel to share this story with younger audiences.

Night Kitchen collaborated with illustrator Aria Villafranca to create In the Shadow of Giants, a graphic novel inspired by true events and experiences. The graphic novel is available in print for educators and for free as a webcomic and printable download at Duty To Country.

This graphic novel is inspired by veterans’ experiences captured during oral history interviews, including 10 hours of new oral history footage produced in San Francisco during this project phase. We created dozens of new highlight clips and crafted eight new animations to support storytelling in the classroom. The media produced from these stories provide a glimpse into the lives of veterans while relating their experiences to teenagers today.

A collection of comic-style graphics showing the fight and struggle.

Collaborating with educators across the country, we produced new lesson plans to allow customization of educational materials based on reading levels and grades. We provided resources such as print-ready flash cards, trading cards, and copies of the graphic novel for classroom usage. Over one thousand copies of In the Shadow of Giants have been printed and distributed to schools across the nation.

Educators, Veterans, and FilVetREP board members gather for an Educators' Symposium.

Educator training videos developed during FilVetREP’s Teacher Symposium provide walkthroughs of available materials including curriculum guides, explainer videos, links to the online exhibition media, and primary source photograph investigations. It serves as a guide for how to use Duty to Country’s wealth of resources in the classroom.


This is a great resource for teaching Asian American Studies, especially with the need for culturally responsive curriculum and equity in schools.

U.S. History Teacher

Dear creators, I highly appreciate the effort and awareness you have put out on the importance of Filipino history between the U.S. It helped me realize that I, an American-Filipino citizen who was born and raised in the Philippines would not be here …if it weren’t for the actions of the people mentioned in the (curriculum).

U.S. High School Student

An incredible and thrilling story of a young woman in search of her family’s legacy. Reminded me of my own journey of discovering my family’s history during the war.

Retired Major General Antonio Taguba on In the Shadow of Giants

A very compelling story that reminds me of my own Filipino heritage and how my parents raised and installed upon me its strong culture, traditions, values and to be a proud Filipina.

Marie Blanco, former Chief of Staff to Senator Daniel Inouye on In the Shadow of Giants